We are the product line under jericom AB.

The workshop / showroom is located in Stuvsta, Huddinge, Stockholm.

We manufacture accessories for modified* classic motorcycles but are also into clothing, furnishing, denim, art, and special orders.

Examples of finished products:

– Head lights

– Tail lights

– Wallets

– Safety chain wallet / keys

– T-shirts

– Tops

– Underwear

– Shoes

– Interior design

– Furniture

We work in all types of materials and perhaps a little unconventional.


Our goal is to deliver a unique product of high quality in very small quantities for our customers. Feel exclusive – this product you’ve purchased is not mass produced but rather something you can show off and be unique with. Should you find the same product with another person, then you belong to an exclusive group that managed to come across a rare object …. Or just a strange object.


* We build / modify classic motorbikes – this is the origin of most of our products. Among other things, we create bikes like:

– Bobbers

– Cafe Racers

– Brat Style bikes

– Flat / dirt track

– classic racers

We follow no rules and we build it as we like it.


Regarding the bikes….
No special focus on the brand but we like earlier models from the 50-60-70 and 80’s. No motorcycles, however, are for sale today, however we like crazy ideas and visions so pay us a visit and discuss the future over a cup of java.


 deadlines 2014

/Joakim Eriksson (Founder)